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Monday, 23 May 2022 19:02

Is it just me, my age, or what?  I’m finding life increasingly more difficult.  IT is certainly not making life easier and almost every business is pushing us on to Apps etc.

I treated myself to a trip to Australia for my Big Birthday to spend it with my one and only Son.  I chose Staysure insurance because I’ve used them for years and only once t had to avail myself of a claim dealt with quickly and efficiently.  My flight home was cancelled and I had to pay extra on top of the refund to get another flight.  It’s not a huge amount of money but the hassle I’m going through almost makes me want to give up.  Perhaps that is the Aim!  The Insurance cost was just under £300 for one month.

I filled in all the documentation they required and ticked it off on a list before sending by Registered Post.  It was many weeks before I got any acknowledgement whatsoever and that only after I’d gone through many different operatives both in the UK and South Africa.  All were very polite and nice and said they’d make it a priority.  Waited and waited and finally received an email demanding to know the reason for the Flight Cancellation.  So back I went to the Travel Agent in Australia and waited for her to ascertain and get the right document.  Sending it off by email I received an immediate response ‘ Due to Covid ………. etc and so forth you will receive a response within 14 days.  Nearly a month later I get another email telling me that there was no  Attachment to my email - there was.  I’ve sent it off again and got the usual response ‘Due to Covid ……….. but now I will wait 21 days for a response.  What’s the betting they will want even more explanation.  I’ve had 3 of these emails with no name, then 2 more with the name of a lady and another one with the name of a gentleman.  Does the right hand know what the left is doing?  Surely once a Claim is received it would make sense to leave it with one person.

Today, I tried 3 different phone numbers - one was constantly engaged - another cut me off twice after I’d listened to more than a minute of blurb and finally I got through to a charming lady in South Africa - I’m now on friendly terms with Natalie, Ansorena and Stephanie.  Again I was assured this would be put through as a priority.  I’m not holding my breath.

Of course I understand the problems created by Covid but dare I submit that Staysure or their Insurers plus myriads of other Companies do not have enough staff in their Call Centres - never have had and the problem is growing.  Mind you, who would work in a Call Centre dealing, much of the time, with irate customers who can’t get any action.

Are you tired of hearing ‘All our lines are busy; your business is important to us; please hold…….’  I held for over an hour for Trailfinders on Saturday and then gave up. I only wanted to ask if they did simple things like booking a flight to Marseille as I’d already wasted ages trying to make a booking only to have it disappear in front of my eyes and needed to start all over again - then there was another glitch and I gave up.

I admit that I’m not the most adept when it comes to Form filling Online and find many sites confusing but I long, absolutely pine for the days when one could talk to a real Live Person.

And as an add on, why is it that when one makes a claim with Insurers one is treated like a criminal?  Prove this prove that - more proof.  Why is it that for the few people who do cheat, the vast majority get tarred with the same brush and get put through Gestapo type questioning. 

I’ve wasted almost an afternoon of my life when I could have been doing something far more constructive with my time.  And when you are Ancient, Time is even more precious.