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STAYSURE - Ongoing Saga

Saturday, 2 July 2022 15:52

Further to my last Blog about Staysure or more appropriately their insurers CSA Ltd - I have had a further communication requesting my Bank Details in case my Claim is upheld.  Having sent these I received another of those damned emails - this time informing me that I would be hearing them in 6 weeks.  So the waiting time has gone from 14days, to 21days to 31 days and now to 6 weeks.

As I said in my previous Blog, surely once one is ‘In the System’ the case should be dealt with by One Person.  But no - I’ve had 3 emails unsigned and 2 signed by a woman and 1 by a man.  Wouldn’t it make sense and expedite matters for everyone if cases were dealt with by the same person?

I do appreciate that Covid has caused many problems but say again, there are obviously not enough staff in Call Centres or dealing with the paperwork.  This is just not acceptable.