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Sunday, 21 August 2022 09:00

Heaven help us.  Please God - NO.  And it makes me angry that it is only a few hundred thousand Party Members who get to make this momentous decision

I’m no politician but I have a lot of common sense. Everything Ms Truss is promising suggests she does have that Magic Money Tree in the Gardens of No 10 which previous PM’s have been too mean to shake.

We have come through a Pandemic, the coffers are empty yet Ms Truss is promising Tax cuts.  She is a popularist like Boris Johnson - all puff and wind and no Substance.  She is no Margaret Thatcher and dare I say she wants the top job purely because she wants the power and kudos.  

I’ve heard the arguments against Rishi Sunak - ‘he’s rich so how could he know of the plight of the poor’ (Are any of the Government politicians of any party actually POOR).  Rishi worked his way up and had the good fortune to marry a Millionaire’s daughter but it is just because he IS  wealthy that he won’t be in the pockets of any Rich Donors and will make decisions independently. .  He is independent financially.  Another big plus for me is that he’s actually worked outside of Westminster and he is an Economist so he knows you cannot create money with smoke and mirrors.  And he definitely knows there is no ‘Magic Money Tree’ at No. 10

Sadly too many of the people in Westminster have never lived and worked outside what I call the ‘Westminster Bubble’. Invariably they study PPE at University (mostly Oxford and Cambridge) and then they become lobbyists or researchers steadily climbing up the greasy pole to become politicians. But they’ve never lived in the ‘Real World’.

I realise these are sweeping statements and they are my personal feelings but I’m on my knees praying that the Tory Members will see through Ms Truss and vote for Sunak as the next PM.  I’m not sure what the future is for the Tories - a bit bumpy for sure - but under Liz Truss - there will be a General Election all too soon and the Tories certainly won’t get into Power.