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Saturday, 20 May 2023 19:55

Such cruelty.  My best friend has been dying for over a week - no food, water or drip - astonishing medical staff.  She wanted assisted death but it is not legal.  

She has had several small bleeds on the brain over the last year but the final one was so large it robbed her of sight and speech.  She appears to still be able to hear and I spoke to her by phonelast Thursday reminding her of all the good times we have had knowing each other since 1966.  One of her son’s has been sleeping on the floor next to her bed for a week.  None of us can believe she’s lasted so long - it is so cruel to her and to her family that she has not been given help to go.

Her family are suffering a million times over. The Lords vetoed a Bill in 2015.  Our lives- we should decide